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2013 Historic River Levels

01-01  1.6 Thought it might come up a little more than that after yesterday’s slow rain, and maybe it will  yet. Good riddance to 2012.

01-02  2.1 That is up a few inches over yesterday’s reading.

01-04  1.95  That is OK for a low water float.

01-05  1.9  A few snow flakes are falling. A few hikers are out.

01-12  2.2  That is a little higher than yesterday. There have not been many readings above 2′ in the last  year.

01-14  2.8  Yesterday was first day since last March that the river level was over 3′.

01-15  2.5  It’s cold, but then it’s supposed to be this time of year.

01-19  2.1  Nice weekend for floating.

01-23  1.75  You can still bump down it.

01-29  1.55  Thundershowers expected today

01-30  5.9  We had heavy rain here late yesterday.

01-30  5.6  and falling. It was 5.9 at 6:00 this AM.

01-31  4.4  River level started at 5.6 this morning, and now at 4.4

01-31  3.4  It fell pretty quickly from yesterday morning’s crest. It did not rain quite as much way upriver as it did here.

02-01  3.0  Looking good after so long a drought.

02-03  2.6   The valley was full of boats and jeeps yesterday.

02-04  2.45   It was good to see boaters out on the river this weekend.

02-06  2.3  is today’s river level. Spring like weather is already here.

02-07  2.2   is today’s river level. That is getting pretty boney. Chance of showers in the next few days.

02-08  2.15  No rise from the showers we had yesterday.

02-10  2.4  & rising quickly. The waterfalls are full & beautiful this morning.

02-11  3.8  River level has reached 3’8″ as of 4:30 this afternoon. Still rising very slowly.

02-12  3.0  Listening to Dr John today ’cause it’s Fat Tuesday

02-13  3.0   is today’s reading. Same as yesterday after getting a bit of rain. An eagle was sitting in the      tree over our landing this morning—-eyeing our ducks.

02-14  2.8  is our Valentines Day reading. Cold start, but warmer later in the day.

02-15  2.6  Sun is shining, the water level is at 2′ 6″ and flowing very nice, it’s a beautiful day to be on the  water.

02-17  2.5  High of 60 –  beautiful, sunny day… get out of that chair and come float!

02-22  2.5   Ground is pretty wet from all the winter mixed precipitation.

02-23  2.5  Snow and ice melt keeping the river level steady.

02-25  2.45  Looks like we should miss the snow to our northwest.

02-26  3.3  Lots of wind and rain yesterday.

02-27  3.1  Getting prepared for the Mulberry River Clean Up Day which is this Saturday.

02-28  3.0  Feb was a good month for water on the Mulberry.

03-02  2.7  The 22nd Annual Mulberry River Clean Up Day is today. Volunteers needed.

03-03  2.6  River clean up day was big success.

03-04  2.5  Had floaters from Wisconsin yesterday.

03-06  2.4   Prime time for hikers is here.

03-08  2.15  Jungle Boaters arriving tonight.

03-09  2.1  It’s time to “Go Up The Country”

03-10  2.7   We have had about 1.5″ of rain. Jungle Boater Race is still on unless the river climbs more       than we expect.

03-10  3.4  and rising.

03-10  3.8  Almost noon and River Level is at 3’8″ and rising slowly. Rain has stopped. Race is ON

03-11  4.1  and falling. Yesterday’s Jungle Boater Race was wild. Only the hearty showed up, and that was  a good thing.

03-13  3.1  and falling. About as good as it gets

03-14  2.95  Warming up nice today

03-15  2.8  and looking good.

03-17  2.6  Be sure to wear green today.

03-19  2.45  Starting to get bony. Barely enough water for a short raft trip.

03-22  2.6  and it should be rising. We had a slow, steady rain last night.

03-22  3.0   Probably about crested. This month we have had customers from MN, OK, NJ, MI, NV, TX, TN, MO, PA, LA, KS, WI, and AR.

03-23  3.1   Great water, but the weather is not great

03-24  2.9

03-25  2.8

03-26  2.65

03-28  2.5

03-29  2.45  A few rain showers passing through

03-30  2.8  Running at a really good level

03-31  3.1  Happy Easter

04-01  3.3  As good as it gets.

04-02  3.1  Cold and rainy today. Looks like a rainy midweek  spell.

04-03  3.4  Three long time groups from Louisiana are here. Les Bons Temps Rouler!

04-06  2.95  Lots of boaters hitting the river

04-07  2.8  You can get daily river updates on twitter. click on the twitter icon on our home page

04-08  2.75  Lots of boaters on the Mulberry this past weekend

04-09 2.65  Redbuds are blooming. Rain moving in tonight.

04-11  2.7  The level is up slightly from yesterday’s half inch rain.

04-12  2.6  Spring colors are peaking

04-13  2.5

04-14  2.45

04-16  2.3  Falling about an inch per day

04-17  2.25  Time for some rain to freshen up the river and wash the pollen away

04-18  2.2  raining

04-19  2.8  crested about 2.9 Should be a great weekend

04-21  2.6  Don’t wait for it to get better, it’s great now.

04-24  2.5  River came up a bit instead of falling. Rained about a half inch.

04-27  3.2   Rising. Rained a little over an inch last night. Rain moving out.

04-27  4.0  River is at 4 ft and rising, looking to crest before 5 ft. Tomorrow is experienced paddlers only.

04-27  5.1 Experienced paddlers only on Sunday. Likely to be rafts and kayak rentals only. Might be too much water for canoes. Best guess for tomorrow is 4.3

04-28  4.4   Slowly falling. Experienced boaters only. Raft and kayak rentals only today. No canoe rentals today. We will run shuttle for you if you have your own boat.

04-29  3.6

04-30  3.3   Lots of misadventure on the Mulberry lately. The river has been rough on ill suited boats.

05-01  3.05  There are about a half dozen privately owned boats stuck in trees or abandoned on the Mulberry right now.

05-02  2.8  Cold front and the Arkansas Canoe Club arriving. All abandoned boats have been recovered from the river.

05-03  2.8  Unseasonably cold. Arkansas Canoe Club School of Whitewater Paddling is here this weekend. Check out this link:

05-04  2.9  Ideal river level. Arkansas Canoe Club School of Whitewater Paddling is underway. The band Mas Agua plays here tonight.

05-05  2.85  About the same level as the last couple of days. Arkansas Canoe Club concludes their whitewater clinic today.

05-06  2.7  Arkansas Canoe Club weekend was big success.

05-09  2.4  Trying to rain. Logjam 1.5 miles below Turner Bend has river blocked. Use Big Eddy as put in to avoid it.

05-12  2.1  Happy Mother’s Day. Take your Mom to the Mulberry today. The water is mild and the weather is great.

05-13  2.0

05-15  1.85  Lots of boaters, not much water. Need a rain badly. One of Arkansas’ whitewater pioneers, Mike Beard, has passed away. Like the song says Mike “was country when country wasn’t cool.”

05-16  1.8  Just enough rain to get the pavement wet. We tried our best to cut out the log jam below Turner Bend but only had partial success.

05-20  1.65

05-21  2.1   Rain is not over yet. The season isn’t over yet either.

05-22  3.6  We got just the right amount of rain. The river is prime. Good floating for several days.

05-23  2.9

05-25  2.5   It is going to be busy in the valley

05-27  2.2  Great floating for late May

05-29  2.0  Too low for rafts, but canoes and kayaks are making it OK.

05-30  1.95  Wakarusa Music Festival starts today

05-31  2.9  May ending on a wet note

05-31  3.1  Rain coming tonight and tomorrow. Likely to be washed out this weekend.

06-01  3.8  & rising too high to rent boat’s today   However, next several day’s should be prime whitewater

06.01  6.2  and rising fast

06-01  7.0  crested. Sun came out and the water receded. 6.3 now.

06-02  4.6  falling, but be very careful

06-03  3.6  Prime whitewater. Wakarusa concert goers leaving town.

06-04  3.2  Water like this in June is a rare thing

06-05  2.9   Bill Cummings was here from Shanghai to go canoeing.

06-06  2.7  Great river level and fantastic weather. Thunder on the Mountain starts today.

06-09  2.2  Still good floating. Thunder on the Mountain brought a big crowd into the valley.

06-11  2.0

06-13  1.8

06-14  1.7   Redding to Turner Bend is about it. River Clean Up float set for Sunday. Volunteers welcome.

06-16  1.5  Happy Fathers Day. Just about too low to go, but lots of kayaks going anyway. A green and black Old Town Otter was lost on the road between Redding and Turner Bend Yesterday. If you have any info please call us at 479-667-3641 so we can reunite the owner with his boat.

06-17  1.75  Rained a little bit here. Need a lot more.

06-18  1.7  A few light showers yesterday. We are still floating, but it looks like it will only last a few more days. Allan Hancock and friends have cleaned almost 10 miles of the Mulberry in the last couple of days.

06-19  1.65

06-21  1.5

06-25  1.2   Several kayaks bumped and drug their way down from Redding yesterday. Every shoal is shallow now.

06-27  none  The Mulberry River is too low to float. Time to go fishing and swimming.

07-01  1.0  Getting pretty dry in the Ozarks. Unusually cool for July.

07-04  .9  The most pleasant weather anyone remembers for July 4th.

07-08  .8  Dog Days of Summer are here.

07-10  .8  Really hot and dry here now

07-20  Been raining; ground is saturated but the river is still not flowing at our river gauge. Will keep the postings up if the rain continues!

07-22  1.2  The recent rains have freshened up the river, but still not enough to float.

07-23  1.3

07-25  1.6  That’s enough to float Redding to Turner Bend

07-26  1.5  Rain today might make for whitewater in July

07-27  1.55

07-28  1.6   Fairly decent low water floating. Canoes making it OK from Redding to here. Kayaks making it easier. RIP to the legendary musician J J Cale who passed away Friday.

08-03  1.2   Rain showers moving through the area. Don’t know if it will rain enough to bring the river back up.

08-04  2.2  Water in August! Looks like it crested about 2.5

08-06  1.7  Back to being barely floatable

08-08  1.7  We have had a pretty good rain. River should rise most of the day. Decent floating likely tomorrow.

08-08  We crested at 5.6 and now reading 5.4

08-09  4.6  and still raining

08-10  4.4  raining and still rising

08-10  6.3  and rising fast

08-10  9.0  and still rising fast

08-10  12.5  and STILL rising

08-10  14.5  river crested and has since dropped to 11.5

08-11  5.5  Falling. Some private boats likely to venture out on the river today after it falls a bit more. Not expecting to be able to rent until Monday.

08-12  3.9  more rain on the way

08-13  4.2  Looks like we stepped over a snake. The heavy rain is supposed to stay south of us. Glad to not be flooding.

08-14  3.7  Water is milky green, skies are clearing.

08-15  3.2   Nicest August 15th anyone can recall. Weather and water are beautiful.

08-16  2.9   Lots of floaters taking advantage of this rare opportunity.

08-17  2.7

08-18  2.6

08-20  2.25

08-21  2.2  Best to not go over 8 miles when it to this level

08-23  1.9  There is a fallen tree just upsteam from Turner Bend. We have opened it up as best we can.

08-24  1.85  The channel is clear. Falling about an inch per day.

08-26  1.75

08-29  1.6

09-02  1.4  Too low to float. Happy Labor Day.

09-09  1.2  getting dry again

09-17  1.0  Get your motor running. Mas Agua to play here Sat at noon.

09-18  1.0  Bikes, Blues. and Bar B Q crowd starting to show up

09-30  .9  Wake Up Maggie! It’s late September.

10-01  .9  Gnats are pretty rough right now

10-03  1.0  Eagles are back in the valley

10-04  1.4  We did not get enough rain to bring the river up much  Pray for more!

10-10  1.3  Beautiful time of year. Leaves starting to turn, but still not close to peak.

10-11  1.3  Rainy spell moving in. Hope the government shutdown ends soon because almost all of the access points are closed now.

10-15  1.6   Rained about 1.5″. River level should rise enough to float tomorrow, but will know more later today.

10-16  2.45 crested at 2.6 Great to have some water, but most access points are closed

10-17  2.3   Harvest Music Festival is underway

10-18  2.05  Falling on down. All access points are open.

10-19  1.9   Muzzle load season, craft fair weekend, Harvest Music Fest. There is a lot going on.

10-21  1.75

10-24  1.7   Lots of hikers on the Ozark Highlands Trail these days.

10-25  1.6  Frost on the pumpkin this morning. Rocktoberfest happening at Byrds.

10-28  1.5   Colors are at their peak. Rain expected Wed and Thur.

10-31  1.5  No rise in river yet. Rained about 1″. Happy Halloween.

11-03  1.5  This is the prettiest fall in years. Lots of folks checking out the colors while they last.

11-04  1.6   Fall colors are just past their peak, but still really nice. Rain moving in mid week.

11-05  1.7

11-06  3.7  Rising and pretty muddy. Total rainfall a little over 2′.

11-06  5.8  Should crest soon. Cold front is here.

11-07  3.5  Crested just over 6′. Rained a bit more upriver than it did here.

11-08  2.95  Rifle deer season starts tomorrow.

11-10  2.5

11-11  2.3

11-12  2.2  cold front is here

11-17  1.9  Unusually warm and muggy for this time of year

11-19  1.9  The river level has been hovering just under 2′ for a few days.

11-22  1.9  Not much rain here. Cold front moving  in. Byrds is hosting a Pre-1865 Historical Reinactment Festival this weekend. Flint knapping, leather tanning, rope making, tomahawk throwing, etc.

11-25  1.9  Fourth day in a row to read 1.9.

12-02  1.7  This if the 31st anniversary of the epic flood of Dec 2-3 1982. Turner Bend almost became Turner Straights.

12-05  1.6  Bad Moon On The Rise

12-07  1.6   Snowbound! Trying to keep the pipes from freezing.

12-10  1.9  Rising from snow melt. More thawing to come.

12-12  1.9  snow melting

12-14  2.55  Snow melt and rain combining to raise the river

12-16  2.9  Snow melt holding river level steady. A few hearty boaters out yesterday.

12-17  3.0   Level keeps creeping up

12-18  3.1

12-20  3.2  rain expected

12-21  3.7 / 4.8 / 6.7 / 8.2 crested

12-22  5.8  Should drop slowly since we are saturated

12-23  4.2  Prime whitewater level

12-24  3.6  MERRY CHRISTMAS!!

12-27  2.95  great paddling

12-29  2.7

12-31  2.5  Last posting of the year,today? Sunny and COLD