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2015 Historic River Levels


01/01/15       2.15   Happy New Year to you all!

01/03/15      6.2     Rising. Lots of rain lately

01/03/15      7.4     Highest the water has been in a few months

01/04/15      4.6     Cold wind blowing in

01/07/15      3.1     We’re in for a deep freeze

01/08/15      2.95   and cold!!

01/10/15      2.7     Water level holding pretty good, 2’7″ today and a large group of paddlers went out early.

01/12/15      2.5     Not much sunshine lately

01/14/15      2.3     The sun is shining!

01/15/15      2.3     A warming trend begins

01/22/15      1.8     Dropping just a bit each day

01/24/15      1.8     Third day in a row to be at that level.

01/26/15      1.7     Great hiking weather

01/28/15      1.6     check out this website:

02/01/15      1.7     Light rain last night

02/02/15      2.1     cold front is here

02/05/15      1.9     Cold today, but pretty weather ahead

02/09/15       1.9     Big group of runners on hand for the White Rock Run.

02/14/15      1.65    Happy Valentines Day

02/16/15      1.6     Iced in today

02/17/15      1.6     Too cold to work or play.

02/18/15      1.65    Harshest winter weather this year

02/19/15      1.65    Some ice in the river

02/21/15      1.7     Showers last night raising river a little

02/22/15      2.7     Rain and snow melt combined to raise the river

02/23/15      2.5     Forecast for this Saturday’s Mulberry River Clean Up Day does not look good. Might have to postpone until March 7. Will make decision Wed or Thursday.

02/25/15      2.5     River Clean Up Day is on for this Saturday. Weather looks to be OK. Keep your fingers crossed.

02/27/15      2.4     Mulberry River Spring Clean Up Day this Saturday. Door prizes galore, kayak raffle, good food and company.

03/01/15      2.3     Snow, rain, some ice.

03/03/15      2.5     Cold, light rain today

03/04/15      3.1     steady rain with snow expected later

03/04/15      3.9     Rain is turning into sleet.Hope we don’t get freezing rain.

03/05/15      4.3     Hope the snow starts melting today

03/06/15      3.8     The river clean up day is on for tomorrow. Jungle Boater on Sunday

03/07/15      3.6     Great day for the 24th Annual Mulberry River Spring Clean UP

03/08/15      3.4     Calling All Jungle Boaters!

03/09/15      3.2     Yesterday’s Jungle Boater Race was Great!

03/10/15      3.6     Rafters from Michigan’s Upper Peninsula are here on spring break

03/12/15      3.3     Water temp is 41

03/13/15      3.2     Raining with the level likely to rise

03/14/15      7.1     Lots of rain

03/14/15      7.3     running a little higher. Forest Service re-opening Wolf Pen and High Bank.

03/15/15      5.1     We are soggy wet

03/16/15      4.1     On the way down, but still a big flow

03/17/15      3.7     Happy St Patrick’s Day

03/19/15      3.3     Great water so far for March

03/20/15      3.1     Yet another 18 wheeler wreck 2 miles south of here

03/23/15      2.8     Lots of people out this weekend

03/24/15      2.7     Spring Break for lots of folks

03/25/15      2.6     Great floating for spring break

03/26/15      3.8     Thunderstorms brought the level up

03/27/15      3.6     Fast moving whitewater

03/28/15      3.3     King Bob and the Court Jesters are in the valley

03/29/15      3.1     About as good as it gets

03/30/15      2.95   Another great day on the Mulberry.

03/31/15      2.8     Beautiful sunny day on the Mulberry!

04/01/15      2.7     Spring colors popping out

04/02/15      2.7     Warm enough it feels like May

04/03/15      2.55   Don’t forget the meaning of Good Friday

04/04/15      2.4     Redbuds are blooming

04/05/15      2.3     Happy Easter!

04/07/15      2.25   Redbuds and dogwoods both blooming

04/09/15      2.1     Several long-time groups will be here this weekend

04/12/15      1.95    Water level holding very well, expecting rain tomorrow and next week.

04/13/15      1.9     Much needed rain expected today

04/14/15      4.3     That was all the rain we needed

04/15/15      3.5     Write that check to Uncle Sam, then head to the river

04/16/15      3.5     Milky green. Spring is full on.

04/17/15      3.25   Rain approaching from the west

04/18/15      3.1     Rain showers are forecasted

04/19/15      2.9     Perfect float!!  Don’t miss out on a great time with good friends.

04/20/15      2.95   Yesterday’s rain shower holding river level steady

04/21/15      2.7     Beautiful weather and great water

04/22/15      2.6     Very few floaters considering how great the conditions are

04/23/15      2.5     Arkansas Dept of Parks and Tourism staff floating the Mulberry today

04/24/15      2.4     Rainy day. The river is 2.4. Keep your fingers crossed for good weather and water tomorrow.

04/25/15      2.3     We did not get much rain here

04/26/15      2.2     The river was full of boats yesterday

04/27/15      2.1     Everyone and their dog was on the river this weekend

04/28/15      2.0     No rain yet to stop the decline

04/29/15      1.9     Water is getting low but really pretty weather

04/30/15      1.8     April going out with a whimper

05/01/15      1.7     40th Annual Arkansas School of Whitewater Paddling begins this evening

05/02/15      1.6     Arkansas Canoe Club is here for the 40th time!

05/05/15      1.45   Just enough water to float a kayak

05/07/15      1.3     Rain approaching

05/08/15      1.5     Some rain has fallen, more to come

05/08/15      2.1      River has come up some since this morning. More rain tonight.

05/08/15      2.7     Might be too high to float tomorrow if it rains hard tonight

05/09/15      3.15   More rain is forecast for later today thru tomorrow

05/09/15      3.9      Water level rising. Not sure on the crest just yet. More rain expected later today. No rentals today.

05/10/15      16.0    and rising – road is closed temporarily on other side of bridge. More water upriver coming down, and more rain predicted.

05/10/15      12.5   water appeared to have crested about 17 ft. Road was closed all a.m. Open temporarily, but pouring down rain again.

05/11/15      15.5   water is over the highway north of the bridge

05/12/15      6.3     The river is at 6.3 this morning. We will not be renting any boat’s today.

05/13/15      4.7     The river is still rolling at 4.7 this morning.

05/14/15      4.2     still too high for rentals

05/15/15      3.9     Scattered showers are forecasted

05/16/15      3.7     Falling slowly

05/16/15      3.6     and the weather cooperated, turned out to be a beautiful day!

05/17/15      4.4     Should be still rising

05/18/15      4.7     An exceptional amount of rain has fallen in the last 10 days

05/19/15      4.5     Maybe a day of sunshine

05/20/15      5.1     Rising. The deluge continues.

05/20/15      6.3     still rising

05/21/15      5.2     There is a movement underway to rename this the Ozark National Rain Forest

05/21/15       7.0     Falling after cresting at 7.4

05/22/15      4.2     Highway 23 closed 9 miles North of Turner Bend. The highway is open from the South

05/23/15      3.8     Don’t need any more rain

05/24/15      3.7     Not sure how much rain to expect

05/25/15      8.0     No rentals tomorrow, wish the rain would hold off.

05/26/15      6.0     Relentless rainfall. Hwy 23 is closed due to landslide about 8 miles north of here, but is open to the South.

05/27/15      4.7     Getting back down within the banks

05/28/15      4.0     Renting rafts and kayaks today.

05/29/15      3.7     Hoping to dodge any big rains

05/30/15      5.4     Falling and needs to keep falling

05/31/15       4.7      Should be a good week ahead for boaters

06/01/15       4.1      Falling slowly. Rafts and kayaks only today.

06/02/15       3.7      Still a strong current, but getting down into a better range

06/03/15       3.4      Great paddling in June.

06/04/15       3.15    Wakarusa Music Festival starts today

06/05/15       3.0      Lots of concert goers swimming in the river

06/06/15       2.8      Lots of people getting on and in the river

06/07/15       2.85    It must have rained a bit upstream

06/08/15       2.6      Wakarusa exodus today

06/09/15       2.5      Mild flow compared to the last month

06/10/15       2.4      Young hippies have made stacks of rocks (hippie piles) all along the river

06/11/15       2.25    Our gauge seems to be reading about .4 higher than before the May deluge. Corps of Engineers gauge is reading about 1.9.

06/12/15       2.1      Really more like 1.8. Shoal below the bridge has gotten narrower causing level to rise at landing. Hwy 23 is partially open to the north now.

06/13/15     2.0      More like 1.7. Short floats only. Wear good shoes and be prepared for the gnats. Hwy 23 open now.

06/14/15       2.1      Low but floatable. Must not have rained as hard upstream as it did here.

06/15/15       2.9      Looks like we are going to get drenched again

06/16/15       5.0      Big rain moving in

06/17/15       3.8      Probably the lowest level for the next few days.. Hwy 23 closed again.

06/18/15      3.4       Rain from Bill about to move in

06/19/15       9.0      Way too much water, but at least not a massive flood

06/19/15       7.4      The river crested and is now reading 7.4

06/20/15       5.2      Falling but needs to fall some more

06/20/15    4.6         Plan to rent rafts and kayaks tomorrow

06/21/15    4.0         Raft and kayak rentals today. Wait for lower water to bring young kids.

06/22/15    3.5         Best water ever on this date if you are experienced

06/23/15    3.2         Yesterday several people said “best float I ever had”

06/24/15    2.9         Better get it while you can

06/25/15    2.75       No word on when Hwy 23 will be fixed. This summer we hope.

06/26/15    2.6         This weekend “Music on the Mulberry” is at Byrd’s Adventure Center

06/27/15    3.5         Muddy from yesterday’s thunderstorm. Wait for lower water before you bring small children.

06/28/15   2.9          Rare event for the Mulberry to be at a prime level in late June

06/29/15   2.6         The river was full of boats yesterday

06/30/15   2.5         Seems more like about 2.2. Still very good for the last day of June.

07/01/15    2.3         Floating in July – a pretty rare event

07/02/15    2.2         The boating, swimming, and fishing are all good.

07/03/15    2.2         Chance of more rain. Highberry Music Festival is at Byrds

07/04/15    2.3         Give thanks for the USA!

07/05/15    2.3         Rain showers have been holding the level steady

07/06/15    2.45      Great to have water this time of year

07/07/15    2.4         Rain showers are keeping the river up and the temp down

07/08/15    3.1         Yesterday’s rain was just right

07/09/15    5.3         Too much water in July. A rare event.

07/09/15    4.4         Falling.

07/10/15    3.8         Falling. What a midsummer treat!

07/11/15    3.3         Everybody is headed to the river

07/12/15    3.0         Swift flowing water that can be rough on novices

07/13/15    2.8         Excellent water in mid July!

07/15/15    2.6     Get on the river before this water runs out

07/16/15    2.3     Keep your float short. The water is getting pretty low.

07/17/15    2.2     The water is getting low. We will be renting through the weekend

07/18/15    2.1     Redding to Turner Bend is about all we can offer at this level

07/19/15    2.0     Everyone is still having fun even though the water is low

07/20/15    1.9     Still barely enough to take a short float

07/21/15    2.8     Muddy and probably still rising from last night’s rain

07/22/15    3.6     Not much water in the river above Low Water Bridge

07/23/15    2.8     and, like yesterday? best water is from Herrod’s Creek down. Putting in at Byrd’s is perfect.

07/25/15    2.1      A 4 mile float with kayaks has lots of beautiful swimming and picnicking opportunities.

07/26/15    2.0      Water level holding pretty good. Beat the Heat!! kayaks from Redding down.

07/27/15   1.95    River level.  Kayaks from Redding to Turner Bend only

07/28/15   1.8      River level today. Kayaks from Redding to Turner Bend.

07/29/15    1.75   Kayaks from Redding to Turner Bend, low and slow.

07/30/15    1.6     Kayaks only from Redding.

07/31/15    1.6     Rain yesterday holding water level, last day to enjoy “Water in July”… here’s hoping for the sequel: Water in August!

08/01/15    1.5     Too low but a few are still dragging down the river

08/02/15    1.4     Last call for a short kayak trip until it rains again

08/04/15    1.4     Getting a bit shallower each day

08/06/15    1.7     Up enough for a short kayak trip

08/07/15    1.9     Enough flow for a decent short float

08/08/15    1.7     Glad to have some water this time of year

08/09/15    1.6    Beat the Heat!  Still having water in August is amazing; kayaks from Redding down, and everyone had a great time yesterday.

08/10/15    1.5    Still quite a few kayaks bumping down the river

08/11/15    1.5     Catfish are biting.

08/12/15    1.35   Cooler weather, but we are out of water

08/13/15    1.3     Repair of Hwy 23 has begun.

08/15/15    1.2     Great for fishing, swimming and picnicking. Come by the store and we will send you to ALL the best places!

08/19/15    1.1     Rain showers to start the day

08/19/15    1.9     Rain shower brought the level up a bit

08/20/15    1.9     Very pleasant weather to go with water in the river

08/21/15    1.7     Just enough water for a good fishing float

08/22/15    1.65    Some rain expected. Bikers, Hikers & Fishermen, come by the store for directions to breathtaking destinations! Exciting Adventures in Arkansas await!

08/23/15     1.6+   Still hasn’t come up from all morning’s rain, but reports say it has been pouring upstream pretty good.  Expecting rain to last a little while this morning, updates later.

08/24/15    1.7     weekend showers freshened the river up a bit

08/26/15    1.5     Dropping about an inch per day

08/29/15     1.3    Too low for anything but swimming and fishing.  Plenty warm but not bad as normal

09/05/15     1.0     With Hwy 23 still under construction the question we get all day is “How do I get to Eureka Springs?”

09/09/15    1.0     Acorns are dropping, leaves are starting to change

09/10/15    1.1     Happy 50th Birthday to Turner Bend employee Brenda Mabry!

09/12/15    1.1     Byrd’s Mulberry River Clean Up Day is today

09/12/15     1.1     check out this video shot today

09/20/15     1.0     Typical dry conditions for this time of year

09/25/15     1.0    Bikes, Blues, and Bar B Q is in NW Ark, but Hwy 23 is still closed

09/29/15     .8     You know the level is low when it starts with a decimal point

10/06/15    .7      There is reason to hope that Hwy 23 will reopen later next week

10/09/15    .7     Great news… Hwy 23 now has one lane opened!

10/10/15    .8     Hwy 23 has reopened!

10/17/15    .7     Hwy 23 reconstruction is complete. An 18 wheeler toppled over in a curve the next day . We are back to normal

10/26/15    .8     Not enough rain for any runoff

11/02/15    .7     Fall colors have peaked.

11/06/15    2.0   Last night’s rain brought the river up enough for a low water float

11/07/15    1.8   Fallen trees two miles upstream from here require a portage

11/10/15    1.5   Lots of hikers on the Ozark Highlands Trail lately

11/16/15    1.4   Expecting substantial rain from this front.  Rifle deer season started Saturday 14th

11/17/15    3.4   More rain expected

11/18/15    4.4   The river is back in full force

11/19/15    3.1   Beautiful late fall weather

11/20/15    2.7   A few hearty souls paddling lately

11/21/15    2.5    Chilly out there but we have wet suits!

11/23/15    2.2  Lots of eagles on the lower Mulberry

11/27/15    3.2 The river is 3.2 Still raining and rising.

11/28/15    6.0  The heaviest rain is mainly to our south. Waterfall viewing would be great today.

11/29/15    4.8  River at last recording yesterday, reached 6.5, maybe a little higher. Good, steady but light rain today is supposed to taper off.  All the waterfalls are flowing beautifully.

11/30/15    4.9 Four days of rain.

12/01/15    4.0 Watch out for fallen trees up near High Bank

12/02/15    3.6 Thirty three years ago on Dec 2-3 1982 the rampaging Mulberry almost blew away the Turner Bend Bridge

12/03/15    3.3 Last few days of the main rifle deer season

12/04/15    3.0 On Wednesday hikers from Minneapolis remarked about the mild weather.  Yesterday hikers from New Orleans thought it was freezing.

12/05/15    2.8+    We have quite few out today to float, even a couple of campers.

12/07/15    2.6 Warming up

12/08/15    2.5 Donald Trump’s verbal exam to be administered to all persons wishing to enter this country consists of one question: “Do You Eat Bacon?”

12/09/15    2.45 Shop at Turner Bend. No crowds here.

12/11/15    2.3 Warm today. Rain approaching.

12/12/15    2.2 No trouble getting a parking spot here today

12/13/15    5.0    Next line of showers just starting, all the tributaries flowing.  Waterfall viewing should be at it’s best next couple of days!

12/13/15    12 +    Pretty good rise in the river – probably crest around 8 p.m. and has increased about one ft in the last hour.

12/14/15    8.4 Crested just under 13′

12/15/15    5.4 Still a whole lot of water rushing by

12/16/15    4.9 Still running above the natural high water mark

12/17/15    4.2 Yet another beautiful day

12/18/15    3.8 It took five days, but the river is finally back down to the natural high water mark

12/21/15    3.3 Winter begins today though it hardly feels like it.

12/24/15    3.0    Beautiful water, beautiful weather – won’t be a “White Christmas” but great for traveling. We hope you and yours are safe and happy this holiday season.

12/27/15    6′ 11″    and more to come. Rain in the forecast all day.

12/27/15    8.8    An increase of a little more than a foot in the last hour. Not a fast increase, but will likely continue to rise all day.

12/27/15    11.    Still rising slowly, but not in danger of going over Hwy 23 yet.  Watching weather move into area.

12/28/15   14.5  River level this morning and still raining. Highway 23 still closed North of the bridge.

12/29/15    6.8   River level this morning.

12/30/15    5.1   River level this morning.

12/31/15    4.4  Record setting rainfall this year