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2018 Float Rentals

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Mulberry River Access Points



Mulberry River Canoe, Kayak and Raft Rentals

We rent 16′ tandem Buffalo canoes, solo sit-on-top kayaks, and 4 man rafts. Our canoes are made of durable ABS plastic. Each tandem canoe is equipped with a large block of styrofoam for flotation which decreases the likelihood of damaged boats. High quality jackets and paddles are provided for each boat. We also have several “overall style” wetsuits available for rent. Wetsuit reservations will be taken from canoe rental customers only. No prepayment necessary. Rate is $12.00 per day.


Rental Rates

RENTAL RATES: Trip prices per boat are listed on the Rental Prices Webpage. These prices include life jackets, paddles, shuttle charges, and all applicable taxes. Trip costs vary with the length of the trip. If you provide your own shuttle, the rental rate is $66 per tandem canoe, and $50 per kayak.


Turner Bend Rental Boats

Total Trip Cost Per Boat (Includes All Equipment, Shuttle, and Taxes For One Day)

Put In/Take Out Locations Float Miles Average Time Tandem Canoe Solo Canoe Kayak 2 Man Raft 4 Man Raft
To Turner Bend From:
Wolf Pen* 16 8 $84 $70 $64 $90 N/A
Little Mulberry* 14 7 $84 $70 $64 $90 N/A
High Bank* 12 6 $76 $64 $60 $84 $160
Indian Creek* 10 5 $72 $62 $54 $76 $150
Byrd’s Campground 8 4 $70 $60 $52 $74 $140
Redding Campground* 4 2 $54 $48 $42 $58 $110
From Turner Bend To:
Campbell Cemetery* 11 5 $76 $64 $60 $84 $160
Mill creek 23 11 $90 $74 $66 $96 N/A
Campbell Cemetery* to Mill Creek 13 6 $94 $78 $70 $100 $190

*U.S Forest Service Access Point
RAFT RENTAL: Raft trips are available only when the water level exceeds 2.4. Maximum capacity for these raft trips is 5 small people or 4 large people.



RESERVATIONS: Reservations are recommended for spring weekends. A deposit of $66 per canoe, $54 per kayak, and $140 per raft is required to ensure a reservation. Deposits for 2 or more days rental will be applied towards the last days rental.

REFUNDS: A full refund will be made with at least a 4-day notice of cancellation prior to scheduled trip. If the river exceeds 2.9 ft., refunds will be made upon request. River level below 1.8 also warrants a refund. No refunds otherwise. Rain alone does not warrant a refund. No refunds for reserved boats not used by your group. Boats will only be held until 11:00 a.m. of the reserved date unless we are notified of a later arrival time.



Renter Policies

RENTER LIABILITY: Renters are responsible for the care of boats and gear until it is in our possession. Normal wear of canoes is expected but excessive damage must be paid in full by the renter. Lost paddles or jackets must be paid for by the renter.

RESPONSIBILITY: Renters will be required to sign a liability release as part of the standard rental contract. Understand that canoeing the Mulberry is a potentially dangerous activity. We will provide you with the best equipment and advice available. However, once you put on the water, your skill and good judgement take over. Please exercise caution.

AGE RESTRICTIONS: No one under 8 years old at river level 2.9 or above. No one under 4 years old at any time.