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Turner Bend Folks

King Bob and his jesters

King Bob and his Merry Jesters!!


Mike Galbraith

Mike Galbraith… that feat of carpentry which is the Turner Bend Store front door? this is the man credited with it’s construction.


ken long

Ken Long crew from Lawrence, Kansas

Craig Moss & friends from NE LA

Craig Moss & Friends from N.E. Louisiana


ronnie n the henchmen

Ronnie and The Henchmen from the New Orleans Area

mulberry madmen

Mulberry Madmen on their 30th Annual Trip to the Mulberry River

muddy river gang

Self explanatory? The Muddy River Gang

wade earnhart

Wade Earnhart and Crew – meeting on the Mulberry each Spring.

Hollow Log Gang from Missouri

The “Hollow Log Gang” from Missouri – 30 plus years (this is the group we warned you about).

andy berry

The Andy Berry Group – Andy takes great pride in having introduced his older brother, Cal to the Mulberry River. Each of the Berry Brothers has brought groups to the Mulberry for over 30 years.

River Kracken Gang

The River Kraken Group

Kings of Kansas

 Kings of Kansas

whitewright crew

The “Whitewright” Crew

Roger Leworthy

Roger Leworthy and friends fly in from Houston each year

Arkansas Dept of Parks & Tourism

Arkansas Department of Parks and Tourism, their first of, hopefully, many yearly group floats on the Mulberry.

Board of Dir

Board of Directors, Bubba Society

don and amy

Don and Amy Bradshaw with “The Legendary” David Thrasher – David has been frequenting Turner Bend since the Champ Turner days.

don scott and doc

Bucksnort’s own Tom Scott and his friend, Doctor Ola Ronsen visiting from Norway.


Charles “Cheese” Strahan and Family … no broken bones this time…Charles tragically passed away on Feb. 27, 2017. Charles and the good times he and his family had here will always be a part of the Mulberry River Valley.


The Ken Simpson Trio – got in a good day’s float on the river, and even a little “fishing” when they got back (for his keys!).


Ned Mc Partland and the Central Iowa Paddlers


Paul Eagleton heads up multiple trips to the Mulberry each Spring.  This year they brought the daughters one weekend and the sons the next.


The one, the only the… “Kansas High-Bankers”

“DannyRay and The Strugglers” first started coming in 1984 from primarily Oklahoma City.  Now they are spread out to Missouri, Oklahoma, California, Georgia and Kansas.  2017 trip brought their first 3rd generation floater from Oklahoma City.  They have plenty of stories!!!  Swimming across the river 11:00 at night.  The time Lloyd came to Redding 20 years ago and took all their money playing poker.  Stories about the mishaps of people they brought over the years who did (or at least tried – some did not finish) The Mulberry and never came back.  They have a paddle that new members get to sign on Saturday nights after the day’s float, but only after singing “The Strugglers” jingle to the group.  “Oh The Mighty Mulberry, Oh How We Are so Fond of Thee, We Laugh, We Joke, We Sing, We Cry.  We Paddle or Die” Listen, you might hear them singing on the river.  “All we are saying is Give Jim a Chance”.  Find them some wknd in April at campsite # 9.