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About Us


Turner Bend celebrated its 100 year anniversary in 2011 throughout its long history Turner Bend has had only two owners. The Turner family followed by the Wimberlys.

A timeline of history:

  • Osage Indians occupy Mulberry River Valley
  • Cherokee Indians use property after Louisiana Purchase
  • 1st Turner clan came from Tennessee in 1830
  • Elias Turner arrived in 1848. Elias served in the Confederate Army and later was a member of the 1879 Arkansas Legislature
  • 1900 the first bridge was built across the Mulberry River
  • 1911 William Eli Turner built a store at the south end of the original bridge
  • 1935-36 the new Mulberry River Bridge was built and the 1st store burned
  • Turner family built another store just south of the present location
  • Champ Turner and his sister opened the new store during CC camp days
  • 1939 Champ married Flora Coleman and took over operation of the store
  • Champ joined the army during WWII and they closed the store. Flora and Champ moved to different Army bases and had two children, Gary & Lonnie.
  • 1946 Champ left the Army and he and Flora reopened the store. Their 3rd son, Paul was born in 1947.
  • 1950 Champ bought an old house in Cass, tore it down and built a bedroom and bathroom on the back of the store
  • 1950's people began canoeing the Mulberry River
  • Champ and Flora continued to operate the store until 1978 when Champ died of cancer
  • 1980 the Mulberry River was classified as a "navigable" river
  • 1981 Brad Wimberly bought Turner Bend from the Turner family. Wimberly moved into the back of the old store and started renting canoes.
  • 1986-1987 Wimberly built the existing store. Campground expansion, cabin rentals, and further improvements follow