Boat rentals and shuttles begin at 9 am and end at 2 pm if the water level permits.
Check-in time for your boat is between 9 am-12pm. Return our boat on the same day at 6 pm.
Late check in will subject you to a shorter float. 
All boat rentals included shuttle, access, and parking for one vehicle.

**When making a boat reservation online select 1 in the 'Adult' filter box. This will allow you to see all the boat options.

**In the 'date' box filter, select check-out to be the next day eventhough you are returning the boat by 6 pm. on the same day 

 The 'check-in' date is the date of your boat reservation. For example, to reserve  a boat online for Saturday, select the check-in date for Saturday, and select the check-out date to be on Sunday. However, your actual trip is on Saturday and return the boat by 6pm on the same day, Saturday.
Late return of your rental boat after 6 pm will subject to a full day of rental charge.       

Boat rentals are daytime rental only and not for over night. Check-in time for boat rentals is between 9-12 am of the morning of the 'Arrival' date. If you reserved a boat and are going to be late, give us a call to let us know that you are coming. All boat rentals must be returned at our landing by 6 p.m. on the same 'arrival' date.

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Mulberry River access points
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           Mulberry River Canoe, Kayak and Raft Rentals

We rent 16′ tandem Buffalo canoes, solo sit-on-top kayaks, double sit-on-top kayaks, 2 man rafts, and 4 man rafts. Our canoes are made of durable ABS plastic. Each tandem canoe is equipped with a large block of styrofoam for flotation which decreases the likelihood of damaged boats. High quality jackets and paddles are provided for each boat. We also have several "overall style" wetsuits available for rent. Wetsuit reservations will be taken from canoe rental customers only. No prepayment necessary. Rate is $20.00 per day.

Rental Rates

Trip prices per boat are listed on the Rental Prices Webpage. These prices include  a life jacket, a paddle, and a shuttle.. Trip costs vary with the length of the trip.

Turner Bend Boat Rental Rates.
Total Trip Cost Per Boat (Includes All Equipment and Shuttle For One Day)

Access and parking fees for private boaters who has their own boats.
$5 per person to access the Turner Bend landing.  This fee does not include the lift ticket or parking. Landing side parking lot closes at 7 pm daily.
Parking fee for private boat: $5 per day per vehicle to park across from the store. Parking lot across from store gate stays open 24/7 daily. 

Deposit Prices Per Boat

Raft $140 (4-person raft)
Inflatable $75 (2-man raft)

Double Kayak $75 (2-person sit-on-top-kayak)
Canoe $75 (Tandem 2-person per canoe)
Kayak $60 ( single sit-on-top kayak)

Please note that these deposit amounts are for reserving the 4-mile trip; if you want to go on a longer trip the price difference will be adjusted and paid for at the time we set up your trip.

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*U.S Forest Service Access Point
RAFT RENTAL: Raft trips are available only when the water level exceeds 2.4. Maximum capacity for these raft trips is 5 small people or 4 large people.

Reservations & Refund Policy

Mulberry River floats and camping are very popular during the spring and summer months. Most of our water comes in the months of March, April, May, and June. Reservations are recommended especially for weekend visits. If you have a favorite campsite, please book it online or call us.


Boats reservations made in advance are paid in full for a 4-mile trip at the time of reserving. Longer float will depend on the water level and what time you arrived.  Adjustment fee for longer float will be made when you sign in.  If you are planning to reserve for a group each leader of a group can book online for specified number of boats or call us, our staff at the Turner Bend Store will group you at the time of the trip. A valid Visa, MasterCard, Discover Card or American Express is required to hold your reservation. 


The balance of your account is due at the time you complete your contract in our office prior to launch.

CANCELLATIONS must be made 7 days prior to your arrival for floating. If proper notice is received we will refund your deposit, less a 10%  credit card transaction charge. If proper notice is not received, you forfeit your deposit paid. To cancel, call our store staff during our business hours at 479-667-3641. Cancellation fee on the date of your arrival fee is 20%. 
No refund for early pick up to get you off of the river after we have put you in for the day.

Online reservations are recommended for spring weekends. A deposit of a 4-mile trip is required at the time of the reservation and we will hold your boat until 11 a.m. 

Turner Bend Outfitter does not issue refunds or adjustments due to factors out of our control, e.g. weather, illness, personal reasons or early check-out. Prices and policies are subject to change without notice. Turner Bend Outfitter reserves the right to correct any pricing errors without refund.


If a boat rental deposit or full payment has been made and we have determined that the Mulberry River is too low (below 1.2 feet) or too high (over 4 feet of water) to float we will refund the full amount minus the 10% transaction fee charged to your credit card. We try to make you aware of the non floatable river conditions in advance of your arrival, but it is always wise to call us prior to that date or check our Current Mulberry River Level for an update online. We want you to have an enjoyable experience.


We welcome your pets. All dogs must be on a leash in the campground. We do limit each site to 2 pets. There is an additional $10 charge for any pets that float with you. Please note that dogs can cause a boat to capsize.

Renter Policy

RENTER LIABILITY Renters are responsible for the care of boats and gear until it is in our possession. Normal wear of canoes is expected but excessive damage must be paid in full by the renter. Lost paddles or jackets must be paid for by the renter.

RESPONSIBILITY Renters will be required to sign a liability release as part of the standard rental contract. Understand that canoeing the Mulberry is a potentially dangerous activity. We will provide you with the best equipment and advice available. However, once you put on the water, your skill and good judgement take over. Please exercise caution.

All rental boats must be off the river by 6 pm. Extra charge will apply if you check in late or if we have to go get you. Late fee is $1.00 per minute after 6pm.  Standard shuttle fees is applied if we have to go and get you. All private boats must be out by 7 pm. We lock the gate at 7 pm. Across the store parking lot is open 24 hours. You may consider parking over across the store parking lot if you are running late.

AGE RESTRICTIONS No one under 8 years old at river level 2.9 or above. No one under 4 years old at any time.

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