$36/3 persons per night no shelter campsite.
$48/4 persons per night with shelter campsite.
$72/6 persons per night with shelter campsite.
Children $10/per person/per night
$72/6 persons for Gazebo with electric and water.
$100/8 persons for Round the Bend Pavilion with BBQ Grill, electric and water.
Any extra camper must pay $12 per person per night..
Check in tine for campers is between 11 am-6 pm. Late arrival please call 479-667-3641 to check in.
Please sign in at the store when you arrive. 
Reserve the campsite according tor group. Weekends during the months of April, May, June, and July are 2 nights minimum.
Any person over the listed campsite capacity is $12 per person per night. 
Online reservation is recommended to secure your campsite. All final payment for extra campers must be made in the store before accessing the campsites.

For big groups it really helps us if one person acts as the group treasurer and pays us for the entire group's stay. In the box of 'Special Request' write down the name of your group, the number of campers per night, and the number of nights.

On the date of your arrival, register in the store to get your parking pass to display on your windshield. At that time we will direct you to your group site which depends on your group size. We reserve the option to assign you to a campsite that will accommodate your group size.

The Turner Bend Campground has 9 campsites with shelters and 3 campsites without shelter plus a gazebo. its amenities include city water, restroom, hot shower, parking, and access to the river to launch your boat. All campsites have picnic tables and fire rings.

TBC campsites

Turner Bend Campsites Map

Check-in and register in the store 

Turner Bend Campground policy

Turner Bend Campground is located right across from the Turner Bend Store.  All campsites have access to the water spigots near by. 
The Gazebo campsite is located on the same side as the store. This campsite has electricity to hook up small appliances but not to power a camper.  Restroom and shower are also on the store side of the road.

Parking Pass for vehicle without a trailer– $10 per vehicle per day, does not include river access on the store landing side.
Parking Pass for vehicle with a trailer - $15 per day not include river access on the store landing side.
All private boat parking is only available on the west side of the store (across from the store).

River Access - $5 per person on the store landing side.
Boat lift use is $5 per boat when operator is present. Armband is required for the use of the boat lift.  Request armband in the store when purchasing your River Access.
Day Pass - $ 5 per person for picnic use.
Call for special event pricing: 479-667-3641
Rates may vary during special events.


Mulberry River floats and camping are very popular during the spring and summer months. Most of our water comes in the months of March, April, May, and June. Online reservations are recommended especially for weekend visits. If you have a favorite campsite, please book it online or call us.

For camping, we have a two-night minimum on weekends and 3 nights on Memorial Day and Labor Day. When reservations are made in advance, this minimum is upheld. 

Reservation Policy

Camping reservations can be made online in advance and are paid in full at the time of reserving. If you are planning to reserve for a group, each group can book online separately.  Specify in the box that labeled 'SPECIAL REQUEST' the name of your group and how many people are expected to be in this group, so we can organize you to the same site(s).  Our staff at the Turner Bend Store will group you at a particular campsite that will accommodate your group comfortably.

CANCELLATIONS must be made 7 days prior to your arrival for camping. If proper notice is received we will refund your deposit, less a 10%  credit card transaction fee. If proper notice is not received, you forfeit your deposit paid. Request for camping cancellation must be made over the phone. No refund for early check out.

We welcome your pets. All dogs must be on a leash. We do limit each site to 2 pets. We charge $10 per pet, per night in the campground. There is an additional $10 charge for any pets that float with you.

We do not allow aggressive breeds. Here are the breeds not permitted here at the Mulberry.
* Bullmastiff
* Rottweiler
* Akita's
* Chow Chow
* Boxers
* Pinchers
* Great Dane
* Huskies and Malamutes
* Pit Bulls & All Bulldog Breeds
* Dalmatians
* German Shepherd
If you have any questions about the allowance of your pet, please call or email us ahead of time.

Please Keep in Mind

  • On the day of your arrival, come to the store to register and get your parking pass to display inside your windshield.
  • Check in time for campers is between 11 am -6 pm. If you are running late please call 479-667-3641 between 8 am -6 pm to check in.
  • By 11:00 p.m. campers must turn off stereos and generators and tone all noise down to a reasonable level.
  • Off-road vehicle use limited to entry and exit only. You can legally access 4-wheeler trail-heads from our campsites. The trail-heads are 2.5 miles from the Turner Bend Store.
  • Showers for non-campers available at $5 per person.
  • Parking for non-campers taking out private boats at Turner Bend is across the store along the northern edge of the campground next to the bridge. 
  •  River access is at the end of the campground along the river.
  • Display parking pass inside the windshield.
  • All private boat parking is only available on the west side of the store (across from the store).
  • Boat lift use is only applicable when there is an operator present. Armband is required.
  • Our gate on the store side will be locked  daily so have your vehicle out by 7pm. Across the store our gate stay open 24 hours.

The Round the Bend Campground has 3 campsites with shelters, 2 sites without shelter, plus one new 25 x 45 pavilion for group gatherings. Round The Bend campground is further off the highway than Turner Bend and is for quieter groups.
For hot shower and restroom campers can access the shower house at  the Turner Bend Store site. Water spigots are near by all campsites for sharing. Two outhouses are accessible nearby at the Round the Bend Campground.
Mountain View of the Round the Bend Campground

Entrance to the Round the Bend Campground
with electricity, water, and a grill.
Campsite # 1 $36/3 campers /night
water spigot near by

Campsite # 2  $48/4 campers/night
water spigot near by

Campsite # 3. $48/4 campers/night 
water spigot near by

Campsite # 4 $72/6 campers/night
water spigot near by

Campsite # 5.  $72/6 campers/night
water spigot near by

Please note:
All campgrounds along the river are subject to flooding. This includes Wolf Pen, Redding, Byrd's, and Turner Bend. Please use caution if heavy, persistent rain falls.