2012 River Levels


December 31, 2012 1.4. A steady, cold rain is falling. Should be enough rain to bump the water level a bit by tomorrow. 2012 has been a rough year for us here. We are ready to put it in the rear view mirror.
December 29, 2012 1.4. Time is running out on 2012.
December 25, 2012 1.6. Merry Christmas everyone!
December 23, 2012 1.7. Almost floatable but no takers. Everyone is getting ready for Christmas.
December 15, 2012 1.4. No major change in the weather in the forecast.
December 10, 2012 1.5. Finally turned cold on us.
December 6, 2012 1.8. That is down slightly from yesterday. Eagle sightings are common this time of year.
December 5, 2012 1.9. Rain night before last brought the level up. That is enough water to take a short, bumpy float.
December 2, 2012 1.0. Thirty years ago on December 2-3 we had an epic flood here on the Mulberry. The river crested at a record 21′ around midnight. The level might have gone even higher if the man made dike just below the bridge on river left not blown completely out.
November 30, 2012 1.0. All is quiet here.
November 27, 2012 1.0. Deer season is winding down. No rain in sight.
November 18, 2012 1.1. The weather has been beautiful, but not many people out enjoying it. Just deer hunters, and a few hearty motorcyclists.
November 1, 2012 1.0. Fall colors have pretty much peaked, but there is still a lot of color. There is a lull in the action until gun deer season begins on Nov 10.
October 26, 2012 1.2. Fall colors peaking. Mini Coopers by the dozens on the Pig Trail.
October 22, 2012 1.4. Too low for floating. The fall colors are at their peak, so get yourself on out here.
October 19, 2012 1.6 which is too low. Very windy. War Eagle Craft Fair and muzzleload deer season both this weekend.
October 18, 2012 1.8 The fall colors are brilliant. Don't wait too long to check them out.
October 17, 2012 1.75 That is barely enough water for a float. Chance of showers this afternoon. The fall colors are really turning out nice.
October 16, 2012 1.9 Huge bald eagle is hanging out near the bridge.
October 15, 2012 2.2 Crested at 2.6 yesterday afternoon. Beautiful week ahead.
October 14, 2012 2.0 Rained 1.5" Friday and another 1.5" last night. Do not know if there are any hazardous trees down or not.
October 13, 2012 1.3 One more decent rain might make it floatable. Harvest Music Festival is in full swing
October 8, 2012 1.2 Harvest Music Festival is coming up this wknd. There is also an ATV rally at Byrds.
October 2, 2012 .8 The drought was hard on the trees, but leaves are starting to turn. Fall is really getting ready to be in full swing.
September 27, 2012 .9 Bikes, Blues, and Bar B Q is underway. Motorcycles all over the Ozarks.
September 22, 2012 1.3 There was a big bald eagle across from our landing this morning. That is a good way to start Autumn.
September 17, 2012 1.2. One more rain dance might do it.
September 12, 2012 .8 There is a small trickle of water between the pools.
September 8, 2012 .8 That is a small trickle which is much better than no flow at all.
September 7, 2012 .7 Still a long way from being floatable.
September 2, 2012 .6 Grass is all green again. Rain was too late for some trees.
September 1, 2012 .4 We are no longer in the negative territory. We received about 2? of rain from Isaac.
August 31, 2012 .2 Received 1? of rain so far. It will take a lot more rain to make the river floatable on Sat or Sun.
August 30, 2012 .2 Isaac headed this way.
August 26, 2012 .4 More showers expected before this front blows through.
August 21, 2012 .9 Very pleasant temperature for August.
August 17, 2012 1.3 We saw that strange thing called rain last night.Unfortunately we only got a little over an inch which made no difference in the water level.Keep doing your rain dances.
August 14, 2012 1.3. The river is just a series of pools separated by stretches of rocks.
August 8, 2012 1.15. This is easily a record low level here at Turner Bend. Dog Days for sure.
July 29, 2012 .8. No relief in sight. Trying to keep small trees from dying.
July 27, 2012 .8. It rained over an inch here last night. That won't bring the river up, but might green things up a bit. Check Photo Gallery on our website to see photo of record low water level at our landing.
July 25, 2012 0.8. This is the lowest anyone has ever seen it. Could get worse in weeks to come.
July 21, 2012 .02
July 12, 2012 .2. This week's theme song is "What You Gonna Do When Your Well Runs Dry" by Peter Tosh.
July 8, 2012 .2. It actually sprinkled a tiny amount here. The pavement almost got wet. At least it is not supposed to be 100+ for the next few days.
July 7, 2012 .2. It is so low that it is difficult to measure down to the water that remains. The Mulberry is now just a series of pools with no flow between them. Trees are suffering.
July 4, 2012 .2 Take heart. The calendar is really messed up and this is actually Labor Day not July 4th. Rain and cool weather on the way. Yeah right. Hang in there.
June 28, 2012 .4. You know it's hot when 99 would be welcome.
June 25, 2012 .5. We may set a record low this summer if this drought continues.
June 22, 2012 .6. Hot weather, not rain moving in.
June 18, 2012 .6. Theme song for these days is "Cry Me A River" by Joe Cocker
June 14, 2012 .7. Have to measure down from the bottom of the gauge to get a reading when it gets this low. If March was May, and April was June then this must be August.
June 9, 2012 .75. Lyn's last day to work in the store will be tomorrow. She is going to pursue a job where she can use her biology degree. Good luck Lyn and thanks. Chris Patrick has gotten a much better job with Source Gas and will no longer be a regular shuttle driver. Too bad for us, but great for Chris.
June 8, 2012 .8 is still the river level. Pleasant enough weather, just no water.
June 6, 2012 .8 is still the river level. Pleasant enough weather, just no water.
June 4, 2012 .8. Had a nice rain, but it will take much more than 1.3″ to bring the river up.
June 1, 2012 Wakarusa music festival in full swing.
May 30, 2012 .8 river level. Wakarusa crowd arriving. The drought continues. Maybe a shower tonight to settle the dust.
May 29, 2012 .8 – Getting ready for Wakarusa!
May 26, 2012 .9 reading.
May 22, 2012 The Mulberry is summertime low.
May 21, 2012 1.0 The river looks like it does in August
May 20, 2012 1.0 What we wouldn't give for a rain.
May 16, 2012 1.1 Waiting for a rain
May 15, 2012 1.1 It's going to take a good rain to bring the river back up
May 14, 2012 1.15 Hard to remember a spring this dry
May 12, 2012 1.2 Just a light sprinkle of rain.
May 10, 2012 1.2 We needed rain weeks ago. Need it more than ever now.
May 8, 2012 1.25 not floatable
May 7, 2012 1.35 Too low to float until it rains
May 6, 2012 1.4 Several floaters on the water despite the low flow
May 5, 2012 1.45 Arkansas Canoe Club is here trying to make the best of this low water.
May 4, 2012 1.5 Arkansas Canoe Club gathering here for the weekend
May 3, 2012 1.55 Kayaks are still bumping down the river with some dragging.
May 2, 2012 1.6 The 4 mile Redding to Turner Bend float is all we can offer at this low water. Wear good shoes.
May 1, 2012 1.6 Rained 3/4″ yesterday and 1/4″ early this morning. Don't expect the river to rise much more.
April 30, 2012 1.5 It's actually trying to rain.
April 29, 2012 1.5 Last call until it rains
April 28, 2012 1.55 June weather and water in April
April 27, 2012 1.6 Very low, but some are still taking short trips
April 26, 2012 1.6 We need some serious rain dancers now!!
April 25, 2012 1.7 Wish we had more to report
April 24, 2012 1.75 Keep your trip short. Some dragging unavoidable.
April 23, 2012 1.85 We like warm and wet. It's cool and dry.
April 22, 2012 1.9 little low but still floatable
April 21, 2012 2.0 Wish it rained more than it did.
April 20, 2012 2.0 Nice rain shower last night, good day for floating.
April 19, 2012 2.0 Sunny warm day expected.
April 18, 2012 2.1 and lots of sunshine!!
April 17, 2012 2.2 beautiful day to float!
April 16, 2012 2.4 this morning...had a great weekend and the river is very floatable
April 15, 2012 1.85 Expecting rain today
April 14, 2012 1.9 nice day decent water
April 13, 2012 1.95 Low water floating
April 12, 2012 2.0 Partly cloudy, not expecting rain.
April 11, 2012 2.1 Light rain falling
April 10, 2012 2.1 Getting a little low
April 9, 2012 2.15 Lots of good floating going on
April 8, 2012 2.25 Happy Easter
April 7, 2012 2.3 Beautiful weather and good water
April 6, 2012 2.4 Not as unusually warm as it has been
April 5, 2012 2.55 Moderate level with pretty good rapids between the pools
April 4, 2012 2.8 Pretty big storm last night. Might still be rising.
April 3, 2012 2.4 light rain
April 2, 2012 2.5 Massive # of kayaks out yesterday
April 1, 2012 2.6 Lots of boats on the river
March 31, 2012 2.7 Great floating conditions
March 30, 2012 2.8 Beware of stump in river between Indian Creek and Byrd's.Also beware of a log jam two miles below Turner Bend. Be safe and have fun!
March 29, 2012 3.0 spring is here early 3.1 We messed up when we attempted to post this morning
March 27, 2012 3.4 Ideal white water
March 25, 2012 4.1 and falling. Rafts and kayak rentals only today.
March 24, 2012 Mulberry River is at4.9 and dropping this morning, still too high for us to rent. May be open for experienced paddlers tomorrow.
March 23, 2012 The Mulberry has dropped to 6.3. The Forest Service has now opened up the access points. Be careful.
We are now at 6'6
This morning the Mulberry is running at 7.5. We were at 7.2 yesterday morning and the river fell to 6.0 at dark before rising back up from yesterday's rain. we crested at 11′ on Wed night. Today is the first day for our new website! Yeah! We have been unable to post the water level to our old website for a few days for some unknown reason. Sorry for the inconvenience.
March 22, 2012 7.2 Very high water. Crested at 11 feet last night. We have received about 5 inches of rainfall. River is too high to float.

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